Gizmodo Announces They Will No Longer Post Rakuten Deals

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Buried in a deal post on Gizmodo, there is a little writeup explaining why they will no longer post Rakuten deals on their site. I wish some other sites would take the same stance for the time being. Hopefully they will in time.

Gizmodo bans Rakuten deals

Here is a snippet:

“Apparently many users on Slickdeals have had fraudulent credit card charges shortly after ordering from Rakuten Marketplace—the same program that most of these sweet deals have been coming from. Of course, it’s a thread full of anonymous bargain shoppers, but some of the accusations seem serious. So we’re not going to post any more deals from Rakuten until further notice.”

Bravo, Gizmodo! Bravo.

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3 thoughts on “Gizmodo Announces They Will No Longer Post Rakuten Deals

  1. Barrister

    Maybe they changed their minds… they just posted two different deals for Rakuten.

  2. Me

    I never used & when I saw the Rakuten name I immediately figured it was some Asian company. Being that most Asian companies do NOTHING about fraud & intellectual property I would never consider purchasing from them. It’s bad enough to have fraud committed by an American who may be prosecuted, but when you are dealing with non-prosecutorial country, you know they are going to hit foreigners with a better economy first.

  3. […] in June we announced that Gizmodo had buried a snipet at the bottom of one of their deals, explaining why they would no longer be posting Rakuten deals. As far as we know, nothing has […]

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