What legal actions have you pursued?

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We received the following message from a reader:

Today I contacted my local FBI office and they seem to be in the dark of these problems… Also, keep an eye on what Rakuten is doing as of late. Just within the last three weeks, Rakuten has aquired access to Alibaba’s payment services in China, been approved for credit distribution in Taiwan, and enter the e-commerce market in India. This an unprecedented international criminal organization centralizing global online shopping AS WE SPEAK…

Personally, I filed a police report as I thought this was local fraud. A month or so later I pieced together the real problem and notified the officer who was researching the case. I never heard from him again. I’m not sure what, if anything, the police can do in these cases. What advice do you have for this reader regarding legal actions?

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One thought on “What legal actions have you pursued?

  1. Gil

    Sometimes contacting your Attorney General can be useful.

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