A Reminder About Ebates

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We received a comment yesterday that was in reply to a recent comment on Tell Your Story. The comment came in via email instead of on the thread where it belongs. Thank you B.C. for the reminder about Ebates. Also, don’t forget Ebates owns Fatwallet now too. 🙁

That sounds about right. Rakuten is a big nest of AHoles. Bernard Luthi being the biggest P.O.S. of them all. Glad you got your money back. Stay clear of EBates as well. That is Rakuten in disguise.

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2 thoughts on “A Reminder About Ebates

  1. Concerned Citizen

    Interesting commentary. Curious if you know Mr. BL or if your just spouting off?

    1. RakutenFraud

      I will assume your comment is directed toward B.C.

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