Now Rakuten Points Are Being Stolen?

According to The Japan Times, Rakuten points are now being stolen! This article is not clear on whether this is occurring on the U.S. site or only in Japan. Still, something everyone should keep an eye on if you currently have points in your account.   Rakuten users’ points stolen […] Story On The Fraud

This story mostly rehashes everything we already know, but it’s good to see “fresh” press on the subject. Story Things have been rather quiet lately – both on the news front and from Rakuten. That’s disappointing since this problem is FAR from fixed.

Improvement, Mr. Mikitani? 2

Improvement Mr. Mikitani? Haven’t we all been telling you how to improve, how to make things better? To date – have you? No. More and more reports are still coming in every day about fraud on LinkedIn Article You CAN do better – so why haven’t you yet? Your […]