Empowered Merchants = Satisfied Shoppers?

Bernard Luthi, the name behind yesterday’s statement from Rakuten, surfaced again today with a nice write-up on empowered merchants and satisfied shoppers. Well that’s all fine and dandy, Mr. Luthi – but aren’t you missing a key aspect to satisfied shoppers? Let’s try some security for a change. You can empower your merchants all you want, but your customers will remain UNSATISFIED as long as credit card fraud runs rampant on Rakuten.com/Buy.com.

“How can you prioritize your merchants, provide them with benefits and opportunities to be successful while making sure your shoppers don’t desert you for the attention of another company?”

econsultancy.com article

One key benefit your merchants might also like, is knowing that shoppers won’t desert you because of your lax security standards. I know you released a statement to Consumerist.com; but to date, no public statement has been made directly to consumers who have been affected by fraudulent charges stemming from shopping at Rakuten.com/Buy.com.