Improvement, Mr. Mikitani? 2

Improvement Mr. Mikitani?

Haven’t we all been telling you how to improve, how to make things better?

To date – have you? No. More and more reports are still coming in every day about fraud on

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You CAN do better – so why haven’t you yet? Your company responded to the complaints too little too late. Yet still, no improvement. What do you have to say to that, Mr. Mikitani?


2 thoughts on “Improvement, Mr. Mikitani?

  • John Straughan was a great place to shop until the fucking gooks bought it. I’ve been trying for a week to get through to your customer support dept. I placed an order and you’ve had my money for 2 weeks and never shipped the product! The order was cancelled by the seller because they didn’t have the item. I emailed Rakuten support because you dick smokers never answer your phone. They said I needed to contact the seller, who told me he cancelled the order and never even received the payment. I called PayPal and they said to contact Rakuten or the Seller! What a fraudulent piece of shit company. We should of bombed all the gooks back in WWWII ! I WANT MY FUCKING MONEY BACK!!

  • Brian Crawley

    I was defrauded by Rakuten. No package, manipulation of USPS Tracking, the whole thing was a sham. I will never see my package or a refund. The only thing I can do is exact vengeance, while warning others. Rakuten is big on social media videos so feel free to leave public comments on every one of them. May be just a drop in the bucket, but drops add up. The best way to hurt a shady business is by way of pocket book.

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