What Sort Of Info Is Rakuten Asking For? 1

In case you are wondering what sort of information Rakuten is looking to get from customers affected by credit card fraud on their site, here are the questions provided to me by Bernard Luthi.


Mr. Luthi has asked anyone who would like to share specific details to please forward the information to the following address: rakuten-help@mail.rakuten.com


Information that would be helpful to us:

Order Information:

  1. What was your order number?
  2. What was the date of the fraudulent charge?
  3. Did you receive a link for the product you purchased from someone else? (Y/N)
  4. Did you see any suspicious links, data, images, etc. on the Rakuten site during your transaction? (Y/N). If yes can you describe these?
  5. Was any additional information entered at Rakuten.com (such as the bill-me-later application):

Computer Information

  1. What type of computer were you using to make your purchase? (PC, MAC, ipad, Kindle, Smartphone)
  2. What browser did you use to make the purchase? (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari)
  3. Do you have any antivirus or antimalware software installed? (Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, etc.)

Bank/Credit Card Information

  1. What bank issued the credit card that reported the fraudulent activity (Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  2. What type of credit card was it (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, etc.)?
  3. Was this a virtual card? (Y/N)
  4. Did you make any other purchases on the day same day (or subsequent days) until the fraud was reported?  (Y/N)   If so, what stores?
  5. Did you enter a new card number, at the time of purchase, or was this a card number that was already stored on the Rakuten.com website?  
  6. Did you get any additional information about the fraudulent activity that happened after your purchase on RDCS (store, location, shipping location/name etc.)?
  7. Was the fraud report to the Police? Internet Fraud Center? FBI or Secret Service? (Y/N). If yes can you describe?”


Personally, I don’t see any harm in providing this information to Mr. Luthi. I do realize Rakuten is rather late in making this attempt to address the fraud issues with their customers. Nonetheless, I DO want Rakuten to be able to FIX the problem. I have some detailed information that may be helpful to their investigation. I am hoping others will be willing to assist in the investigation, now that you know what information Rakuten is asking for.

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  • Sean Ewing

    Order # 70915122
    Placed 2Jul2013

    I had not used Rakuten.com in over 2 years.

    Fraudulent order, ordered by…..
    Nhat Nguyen
    2550 Hilborn Rd Apt 114
    Fairfield, CA 94534-1091

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