Complaint From A Disgruntled Merchant

This complaint was posted to our Facebook page today – it appears to be a repost from elsewhere, but I do not know the origin. If you know – please let me know so I can give credit. The complaint speaks for itself.


I got scammed by Rakuten Belanja Online -Indonesia

I signed up as their merchant last May 28, 2013 and paid the amount of RP 19,800.00 (USD 2,020) to get their Silver Plan to sell on their online platform and launch our brand here in Indonesia.

By June 7-I wrote to their Open Advisory Team named Marko Asjad informing them that I’am planning to Launch our Brand on July 15, He told me that it is easy to launch our site as it will only take a week, but i told him that i want to work this out as early as possible to make sure that we can launch on time and to make sure that our page will look decent.

By the way prior to signing up, He personally told me that I can customize the layout of my shop and their team can handle doing it.

Our thread of communications seems to be very slow, i got a very slow & sometimes no respond from him every time I will send my emails. He was claiming that He is doing our demo and will submit to me as soon as He can.

It was on the 5th of July when i started to send a follow up with them as i am worried that we wont be able to meet the target launching considering that we already announce it and spend money (worth USD 3000) for advertisements.

5 days before our launching, they highlighted to me some issues about their platform limitations etc.. so i asked them to send me their proposal & demo based on what they can do, but every time i will ask for integration there will be another issues that will be raised.

3 days (that was July 12 (friday) before the launching I wrote them an email informing them that they need to work over the weekend so that they can really launch on on July 15 (Monday), Saturday morning I was informed that Mr. Marko wont be able to work over the weekend because He has some family event. I got furious & wrote an email involving the Japanese of Rakuten Indonesia (both Director & CEO) i got a call from their director that day telling me that they will work on it. I asked for the DEMO of our site and He said that he is going to send it to me 10pm the latest.

10pm comes, no demo received, the entire Sunday I haven’t heard anything. Then on the evening of July 14 I wrote a letter informing them that I am going to cancel our agreement with them because they wasn’t able to deliver the service that they suppose to render. I told them that I will be getting a contractor that will launch our brand in Indonesia as soon as we can. I was so disappointed as all the advertisement we made was wasted.

I got a call from the Japanese that night apologizing about what happen and He said that they will discuss with their Finance about my demand for full refund.

I haven’t heard from them until Thursday when I got an email from this person named Yusuf Efendy (whom i dont even know and never been involve in my case from the start) and He informed me that their Finance did not approved to give me my refund regardless that they did not do what they are suppose to do because according to their contract “RAKUTEN WILL NOT GIVE REFUND AT ANY REASON” – upon reading this i totally knew that I got scammed!

They offered me to use them using my other brand but whoever that is in their normally sanity will never..ever do any business with them after traumatic experience & considering the big amount of money that was wasted.

I wrote yesterday to their JAPANESE Mr. Hashimoto Yasonubo & even cc copy their CEO hoping to hear their side about the issue because despite of what happen, I am still in a big denial that Rakuten a legimited company and Japanese people that values integrity will let this happens.

Just like the same no response…..

I’am not expecting that they will still refund me my money, I just hope that my experience will serve as a warning to all those people who work so hard and intended to invest their hard earned money in doing business online, Please get rid of this RAKUTEN BELANJA ONLINE-INDONESIA, I also hope that they will have a conscience to stop this scam. I also learn that 2 weeks ago one of their Merchant Sued them. I’am not surprise to know why….

I also hope that the Indonesian government will take a closer look & do some investigation about this company because they are giving the Indonesian a bad reputation.

I also wish that this will reach Rakuten Japan, A reputable Japanese company is doing some SCAM in Indonesia.

for any question about this post, i can be reached via my email
I am putting my contact details so that anyone who wants to verify this matter i can send proof and answer any questions.