Now Rakuten Points Are Being Stolen?

According to The Japan Times, Rakuten points are now being stolen! This article is not clear on whether this is occurring on the U.S. site or only in Japan. Still, something everyone should keep an eye on if you currently have points in your account.


Rakuten users’ points stolen via IDs


 Users of a major online shopping mall run by Rakuten Inc. have been robbed of points they earned from shopping by someone who has secretly accessed their accounts using their identification codes and passwords, Rakuten officials said Thursday.

The points have been converted to electronic money without the users’ knowledge, according to the officials.

How many Rakuten users have suffered such damage has not been revealed.

The officials denied that the ID codes and passwords had been leaked from Rakuten. The victims appear to have used the same ID codes and passwords on other websites, the officials explained.

Rakuten has suspended its service to exchange shopping points for electronic money, according to the officials.

The Japan Times


I find it interesting that Rakuten is taking this seriously and immediately addressing the problem – yet fraud is STILL occurring on their site, according to SlickDeals users. Frustrating.