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Do you have a personal story to share involving credit card fraud? Please feel free to add your story in the comments below. Give as much or as little information as you would like. The more information we can place out on the internet – the more we can fuel interest with!

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207 thoughts on “Tell Your Story

  • Bijju

    count me in .. after i bought a laptop fan from this stupid place. within 2 weeks i got fraudulent charge, $200 from the same card and the person who used my card is from UK.
    with in minutes chase text me there is charge on my card, asking did you authorized it. i said no. so they deactivated the card and sent a new one.

  • notfamous

    I’ve got a better reason to avoid absolutely no oversight, screening or monitoring of 3rd party vendors. I ordered a piece of computer furniture for a good price. I received a plastic childs’ toy. I call, I write, I complain vociferously about the snafu. The best Rakuten will do is refund the purchase, but made absolutely no effort to contact the vendor or help me get the item I purchased, despite assuring me this was a one-time error and the listing would be corrected. Since I was building out a disc array under deadline, and was now behind schedule, I trusted Rakuten to fix the error and send the correct item. So I foolishly ordered again. And got the same $0.50 piece of plastic crap toy. Rakuten was unapologetic, would do nothing to correct the situation, and it was *weeks* later before that listing was taken offline. If they had shown any remorse, if they had made any attempt to solve the problem, if they had only *apologized,* I may have forgiven. They did none of those things. The whole operation is crooked and a farce. Rakuten deserves to fail.

    • Daniel

      the headquarter in Japan is worse.. They realy dont care about customers. I’m living in Japan has over 11 years. Eight years buying on without any problem. My last purchase was a nightmare. The seller sent me defective product and avoid to give support.. Turned off the telphone, change the address to fake address, no reply any email.. But, in contradiction, still selling on rakuten shopping mall… unbelievable.. I call the rakuten to contact the seller and the rakuten just ignore.. I went to local consumer protection services offered by the japanese government but i realized that the peoples there are all corrupted by big companies like rakuten.. All time, the peoples that was expecting to protect the consumer, was protecting the rakuten fraudulent behavior!! unbelievable.. The worst part is the japaneses are very passives!! they are not like westerns that complain the rights.. They just stay quiet and accept even if not right…. After months trying to solve in vain, what i did ? I just sold the defective product to other unlucky person.. hahah The japanese laws are a joke and the image of honest and honour donot exists.. All fake. Realy very, very disappoined with rakuten.. After 8 years buying faithfuly on rakuten website.. They still deleted my account because i exposed the problem on product reviews!! Have no way to complain, then i wrote on review..

      One more thing, many of products reviews are pure fake. All FALSE!! And they delete the very bad reviews

      Realy unbelievable.. RAKUTEN IS UNTRUSTABLE.

      • Nick Smith

        So you pass forward your misfortune and feel happy about this. I feel sorry for you. Your happiness will be short-lived as you knowingly sold a defective item. This misdeed shall follow you around like a bad smell for some time to come.

        • Daniel


          not… you must understand the falsiness of japanese society to understand my behavior for this case.
          In Japan, the government offers offices for consumers protection. There are laws but nobody respect the laws. Sounds strange right? For me too.. i’m brazilian.. In BRazil, the customers have atitude to fight against frauds but in Japan the japaneses are passives. They do not complain. And yes, i just sold the deffective product to other unlucky person as a protest. This not affet me in nothing, realy.

          And, of corse, i will not sell deffective products for entire life.. This was a “special cause”… Well by the way, i thing you will not understand.. You must live in Japan and understand the culture, the REAL life here to understand.

          • Rob

            sorry but Daniel is right china and japan are the same in that regard they look at cons as the victim being in the wrong for getting taken advantage of watch this video gives a lot of insight people are too scared to come forward because they know people will look at them like their stupid for “falling” for it doesn’t make it right but definitely a case of doing what the natives do

        • Brian Crawley

          I agree with you Nick(about Daniel’s comment). Not cool to victimize someone else as Rakuten does, then brag about it. How does that make it right? Or even slightly amusing? I lived in Japan for a few years, “falseness of Japanese society” not any more than any other place. Still cannot reconcile passing the buck onto someone else because of “protest.” I call Bull Crap.

        • yup

          Brazilians are just as fucking corrupt as japanese people. This whole ‘you don’t understand’ attitude translates into ‘I would do the same thing if I was in their position’. And then brazilians wonder why their politicians are so corrupt. Because of this attitude right here ^

        • Rita Fratto

          I ordered a roll up puzzle mat which is not a roll up at all the picture shows the mat with a tube like a paper towel roll up. It is a piece of cardboard that is scored to make a circle and three tabs that are inserted In the cardboard. The mat does not hold the puzzle pieces in place ,after I finished the edge of a thousand piece puzzle I tried to roll it up on the Cardboard but the pieces don’t stick to the felt so that was a waste of time. I’d like to return this for my money back Thank you
          Rita Fratto
          *Personal information edited out. This site is not affiliated with Rakuten.*

  • Mitch

    Yep, count me in on this. Bought a nikon d3100 bundle from Rakuten as the price was great…and shortly thereafter noticed a $250 charge to my debit card from another state’s walmart. Notified my bank and went through a couple of weeks of back and forth, but they definitely realized it was a fraudulent charge.

    Curious how all the amounts seem to be “even” – i.e. not a purchase of an item but of gift cards or something like that….


    • J

      I’m guessing no product is ever purchased because it will have to be delivered to an actual address. Gift cards are not traceable in that sense and then can be used for any purchase.

  • Seattle80

    I bought a Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer from a marketplace seller – had 2 fraudulent charges at online surf shops for ~$300 each within a few days. Card company covers it of course, but changing stored and recurring billing on so much crap sucks.

  • Oscar

    Yup. A few months ago i bought xbox live from rakuten and soon after i had charges from another states walmart, a hotel and a place in the UK. I was asked if I authorized them immediately by my bank and when i said no my card was canceled and i had to get a new one. I was unsure what caused it until I read about recent fraudulent charges from rakuten although i had my suspicions because i buy things fairly frequently but since my story sounds the same as the others i guess it was rakuten after all.

  • notfamous

    Wait, I just realized it gets worse. After my comment above I remembered that there was fraud activity on my CC last year and it had to be closed and replaced. Sure enough, it was subsequent to the aforementioned purchases at Rakuten. So, no question, dubious sellers are using the site to data mine credit cards and Rakuten is doing nothing about it. Wow.

  • bulldog

    After a Rakuten purchase in April, I had my CC frauded for a purchase with a local pickup. I called and got the company to save the surveillance tape and give me the name used at pickup. I found a video of them online, got the police to match the video, and just got a call that they have the person in custody. This one person was responsible for close to 100 stolen CC number purchases.

  • K

    After reading about this problem on a Gizmodo post, I decided to check whether my last purchase of an ipad case in July 2012 was the reason for my credit card being flagged for fraudulent activity. It appears so because one week later, Chase called me to alert me that I was signing up for European dating websites.

  • fritzzz25

    I made a purchase on Nov 27th from and had a fraudulent charge Nov 30th. I have shopped hundreds of times online and this is the ONLY fraud charge I have had.

  • Sam

    Yep, now I know where my CC info was stolen. Someone made a ~$3K purchase from on my card. Thankfully I caught it while it was still pending and my card was cancelled and a new one issued.

    Never shopping at Rakuten again.

  • ZS

    I made a purchase on for about $900 and two days later, another charge for $630 showed up. After calling’s customer service, they explained they put a hold for the whole amount, then submitted an adjustment for part of the order they shipped. The other part would be charged later.

    I googled “ fraud” and found this site. I immediately called my bank and they let me know that both charges were still pending and one was actually an “adjustment”. The bank explained that once everything had gone through, it would have only charged me the $630 (which was the correct dollar amount for the items shipped). Then, later, the remaining $270 should still show up.

    As of right now, everything seems to be ok, but I figured I should add my story too, in hopes that it may help someone… or in case it develops into something more later.

    • Frank

      That’s actually how it is supposed to work when using a debit card at any company that has to break shipments up. If you use a credit card the “adjustments” all take place at the same time, so no doubling up hanging out in the pending column.

  • Daniel

    Yup, this is a fraud website. I received an email from Capital One informing me of a new app for my phone that if I linked my Capital One Card to it, would receive 20 dollars cash back for making a purchase through the app. I searched for a while until I found a pair of Bluetooth headphones for about 50 bucks. The seller was I received my correct order and a few days later, Capital One credited me my 20 dollars. So all is good right? Wrong! About a week later I get a call from Capital One alerting me to possible fraud on my card. There were two duplicate charges from Overseas for 96 dollars each, a 200 dollar charge somewhere else, and a few more charges that were stopped in time. At the end of the day, Capital One refunded me all the charges and got me a new CC number, but it was a headache and now I know why. NEVER shopping here again.

  • David

    I ordered a $10 filter for my Dirt Devil. Charged it to my Citi Card. Next thing I know, someone orders thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from Tiffany’s. They also spent hundreds in shoes from I call up my credit card company and they took care of it.

    I’ve read that rakuten somehow got social security numbers. That’s not possible through a credit card purchase, is it? I haven’t had any issues since I got my new card, and my credit report looks ok so far…

    • RakutenFraud Post author

      I don’t really know HOW it would be possible, but nothing surprises me these days. All you can do is keep a close eye on things for now. I hope there is some sort of resolution to this mess soon.

      • RL

        Actually it is possible to acquire any information including social security numbers from nothing more than just your name.
        All they need to do is access any of the data collection websites like Accurint that track everyone’s name, social security number, license number, birthdate, vehicle and vessel registration, property title, and previous addresses.

        it is actually very very easy to gain access to all of your information in one place, and for a low monthly or annual fee.

    • Katelin

      I decided to apply for the credit/rewards card. Of course you have to give your social security and I thought the mother’s maiden name was to verify it was you, Got a call a few minutes later saying I was being sued and needed to call a number without 2 hours. New then it was a scam, and right on the site itself. I am having my credit blocked from anyone opening up any credit in my name and reported it to the FDC.

  • Dez

    I got a call (weeks ago) from my Bank (holder of my credit card) to ask me about charges that seemed odd (they were out of state). The only site that has that particular credit card (MC) on file is (this is a card i rarely use as i switched to another for other points). The bank stopped the charges and sent me a new card. I will contact as well.
    How do I know if other info of mine was swipped?
    How can this happen?

  • Steve

    I have shopped at for years w/o any issue until it became I used a Discover virtual number to shop to protect myself while shopping online, even doing this I got scammed by I ordered some cables which cost $19 but when I got my credit card bill, I got shocked that someone used my card # to buy a $300 comercial faucet w/o my knowledge or permission. I called Rakuten about it and they did not address the problem. I then called up my credit card company to report fraud and they removed the charge. It’s an inside job as my virtual credit card # can only be used by the vendor which access it first time. The new Rakuten is very irresponsible as they take fraud very lightly.

  • Just Me

    Bought $20 cheap earubuds from rakuten, and the next day someone charged $1100 worth of appliances on my card, AND they had enough info to change the mailing address with the credit card company. I’m never shopping rakuten again: this company ENABLES fraud and ID theft.

    • RakutenFraud Post author

      In the interest of not picking and choosing comments to show here – I am approving this comment. It just doesn’t make much sense though. :/

  • Bernard Luthi


    We want to assure our customers and those of you who have posted on this site that we take all reports of this nature very seriously. We are investigating the issue at length, so far bringing in a series of specialists and a third-party technical forensics company to try to identify why this should be. Despite their and our efforts, we cannot identify any breach in our systems that would explain these reports. We want to work with anyone who feels they have experienced any unusual activity after making a purchase with us to try to resolve these issues. We understand your concerns and want to reiterate that we investigate all such issues in great detail.

    Please help us to help you, and anyone else concerned, by contacting our head of customer experience, Nick Thompson 877-880-1030 ext. 2095 to discuss specific issues, or call me, Bernard Luthi, CMO to discuss any more general concerns on ext. 2129.

    Bernard Luthi, CMO,

    • RakutenFraud Post author

      Mr. Luthi – I really appreciate you stopping by the site. I would be more than happy to give you many details of my issue – including police report information. I just don’t feel comfortable on the phone most of the time. Do you have an alternate way folks can contact you with pertinent information?

        • RakutenFraud Post author

          Thank you. You can contact me directly at rakutenfraud at gmail dot com. I’ll put some thought into replying back with my personal email, provided confidentiality is assured. My name is not associated with this site and I can’t list my personal email here.

    • notfamous

      Mr. Luhti,

      I also appreciate you taking the time to visit this site and add your perspective. However, the time to have expressed concern and “take all reports of this nature very seriously” was over a year ago when I contacted customer service to report the fraudulent listing, the fraudulent sales, and the subsequent theft of my CC info. The fact that it has taken this getting out-of-control to the point that the apparently widespread fraudulent activity has fomented this and many other Rakuten fraud sites and anecdotal reports on message boards all over the internet tells me that you are only interested in damage control and not seriously working to fix the problem.

      If anyone at had shown this level of “interest” a year ago, I would have thought that sincere. A year later? Sorry. Too late.

    • Brian Crawley

      Dealing with this company is a nightmare. Oct. 7 2013 id when my package was supposedly sent. According to Rakuten my package was an attempt, but stating I was not home, so it was sent back to the store> I would like to know how my package was in the US where I live, then made a miracle return to Japan in such a short amount of time. My guess is that the package was never sent. These people are straight up cons

  • samual

    I had just started using a credit card with Rakuten instead of Paypal to get points. About two weeks later someone tried to pay for Netflix and bought a couple items from Dell for about $700 total. Dell phoned me to confirm a third shipment that was stopped. It’s funny how Netflix caught the unauthorized use of the card pretty quickly and canceled the orders, but it took a third shipment before Dell realized something was not right.

    The Dell items were being sent to Fayettville, NC. I accessed the address on Google Maps and saw the exact house that the items were shipped with people in the front yard. Hmmm, I wonder if they were the ones responsible!

    I have trace the most likely source as Rakuten since the card I gave them is rarely used and they had some information that was given only to Rakuten.

    Subsequently, the card was canceled and I have received a new one. The dispute on charges is being handled by the card company but I have not yet received the credit back on my account.

    From now on, I will start using my Paypal for payment whenever I can since they will ship only to the verified address and they send an email alert immediately when there is activity on my account.

  • Darren Diehl

    Not that it’s going to do any good to post this here but, I have also had several fraudulent charges on my credit card after using to purchase a cell phone battery in may. The charges have been to a company called Incident Rays in the UK.

  • mark andersen

    I have been using for years, after purchasing an item a few weeks ago, my card was immediately copied and actually SWIPED at numerous stores in South Africa. The first one was for 4.95 at a grocery store. Once chase contacted me about it, they had used/swiped my card at numerous places, all in south africa. The first charge was for over 400 dollars and then a few for roughly 300. Chase has closed that account and issuing new cards. So annoying.

    • jamintexas

      I don’t suppose you have any details about what happened do you? My gf just had this happen to her last weekend. The charges all originated from South Africa, specifically Pretoria, Gauteng Province – there were multiple charges from grocery stores, retail shops, it even looks like he/she bought a bus or train ticket.

  • Joe

    I got ding’d by as well. Bought an Xbox Live 12-Month card from them – several months later (10 days ago) I got hit with a $400 charge from some e-commerce company in Jamaica.

    Card company is cancelling my card and replacing it, but this is a pain and shocking that a company as big as Rakuten isn’t taking this seriously.

  • R Ril

    About two months ago, I had an issue with my credit card, and needed to get a new one. This is my “low-use”, on-line account. Since that time, I have only made six purchases, two of which were at Just today, I was notified of fraudulent charges on my new card. The fraudulent purchases were extensive: about 20 purchases in one day, in at least five different cities all over the world! Whatever is happening at Rakuten, this is not a small-time operation.

    I have checked my recent activity on my other cards, and see that I unfortunately had made a miscellaneous purchase at Rakuten using another card. I have canceled that card, too, as a preventative measure.

    I would advise everyone to avoid using a credit card at Rakuten, and maybe not buy there at all, as a sign of protest. If you have concerns, email this individual at Rakuten (he seems to be the point-of-contact):

  • Brian

    I had a account and purchased some computer parts back in 2006/2007. have not even logged into my account since then.

    Earlier this week I received an email from confirming an order. an hour later an email followed saying the purchase is on hold since the ship-to address did not match the address on file with the CC company. The ship to address was in TX, I live in WI…

    The credit cards I used 6-7 years ago have been long closed out, not too worried about that.

    A 30 second internet search found this site and several others discussing the problems with I don’t plan on even going to their website ever again. Good luck to those whose CC info was stolen.

  • Paul

    on May 28, 2013 while making a small purchase on Rakuten ( formerly my identify and credit card and authorization limit were stolen. Within minutes someone presented a “check” at a Wells Fargo branch for over $11k. My credit card vendor contacted me almost immediate about the $11k charge which I identified as fraudlent. Subsequently I was contacted by a Wells Fargo’s Finacncial Crimes specialist who also said they had identified this as fraud and closed it down on their end. I have stopped doing business with

  • atariguy

    A ha! I was wondering which website my Paypal debit card # had been stolen from. I ordered some things from Rakuten on March 26 and the fraudulent charges started on April 11, many of them to companies in foreign countries. Fortunately, the credit card company that I was using as my Paypal backup funding source caught on quick. However, Paypal themselves were not so easy to work with. It’s finally been resolved, but was a major hassle.

  • Dave

    I purchased an Olympus camera in January 2013. I used a credit card I only use for business and gas purchases. Since the only business expense we use the card for is gas and the occasional computer device/camera, seeing an odd charge is easy.
    I did not look at my statements carefully since January since I am not responsible for the payments being made. After seeing a post on about a deal on a camera, I noticed the second comment indicated that Rakuten credit card fraud is rampant. I didn’t understand so I continued reading.

    After reading a few more comments I decided to look at my past statements. Everything looked normal except for one charge at for about $102 within the same billing period as my Rakuten purchase (within 30 days). Since I have never purchased anything at, it was obviously fraud.

    I contacted my credit card company and they cancelled my card and issued a refund pending investigation. Luckily the fraudulent charges were limited to that one occurrence.

    I also went to to find out if there were any accounts being opened in my name, but none were luckily.

  • Robert Busteed

    I purchesed a car part and was sent a oreder # stating that it was shipped the next day they would not provide a tracking # despite numerous requests. i have been tryin to find out if the part was shipped or where it is for 4 weeks now. when i contact customer service all i get is an automated response and a customer satifaction servey. do not buy anything from they are a total rip off!!! we need to sread the word and get them shut down

  • CJ

    I ordered soap from Rakuten, i received cancellation order from them and when I checked my account they already charged me $78.69, i send them an email as soon i saw the charge in my account, and now im waiting for their reply, 🙁

  • daniel

    I ordered merchandise on July 29th as of August 9th Rakuten still refuses to cancel the order internally since their advertised seller is completely unreachable. Item advertised was just shy of $700.00 and advertised shipping of 1 to 2 business days. All anyone on a daily basis tells me from Rakuten is that they need one more day, their specialist is working on it, just one more day. I’ve lost customers due to not being able to meet deadlines and thats caused damage to my reputation as a business. They simply refuse to cancel the order so that my bank can issue a refund! Its FRAUD! you advertised an item, I purchased item, never received item, requested cancellation and refund… now a week later…. they just need one more day! over and over again! its all I hear!

  • Frank

    My card info was stolen all the way back in January. I bought a bluetooth OBDII scanner on Thursday, and by Monday my bank had already reversed one small transaction listed as a carpet store in California that had been out of business for several years, and blocked a handful of ~$50 purchases at various sporting goods store’s sites. Didn’t receive the phone call and when I went to lunch my card was embarassingly denied. Thankfully it cost me nothing other than the headache of having to get a new card number.

  • John

    I bought a toner cartridge on Rakuten two months ago. They saved my credit card information when I placed the order.

    Today, I got an email saying “Thanks for Your Order” … but I didn’t order anything. Turns out someone hacked Rakuten and ordered a Google Android for $749 and charged it to my saved credit card number.

    The online receipt shows this Ship To address. Maybe this is who committed the fraud?

    Ha Do
    10731 Hazen St
    Houston, TX 77072-3709

    I immediately called Rakuten and got the order cancelled. I also changed my email address and password and deleted the saved credit card. Then I called my credit card company and reported the fraud. They cancelled my account and will open a new one.

    Rakuten’s customer service was excellent. They told me exactly what to do and gave me the number of their Verification Department to call on Monday morning. I can tell they take fraud seriously.

    I just wish I hadn’t let them save my credit card info when I bought that toner cartridge.

  • TJ

    I made a purchase a year and a half ago, and today five fraudulent purchases were made on my account. I’m in the process of identifying the specifics (payment, addresses, etc.). I received a confirmation for one purchase two times. The single purchase number generated two confirmation emails going to two different individuals, in other words. It looks like my account is being hit hard (5 purchases within an hour).

    I called Rakuten and they said the Credit Card was owned by someone who lives in Wisconsin. They said that my bank info was safe, and they needed to call the person in Wisconsin.

    I requested that the account under my email be shut down. They said they would “freeze” it, and they couldn’t remove account info or history.

    I also entered a regular support case for this fraud on the Rakuten web site.

  • TJ

    After calling Rakuten and asking them to remove or disable my account, it looks like a perp was able to successfully complete a purchase using an account associated with my email address. Here’s the important part, this is the third confirmation from Rakuten with the same order number and a new name (the third). Here are the names used for the order:

    Thanks for your order PAMELA,
    Hello GEORGE,
    Hello STEWART,

    This account is supposed to be disabled or frozen, but it’s not yet, as the UPS is delivering the goods.

    8139 Greenwood Ave
    Munster, IN 46321-1808
    249622462 Sony Xperia SGP312U1/B 32 GB Tablet – 10.1″ – Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 1.50 GHz – 2 GB RAM – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – Slate – 1920 x 1200 – Bluetooth 1 9/9/2013
    Carrier: UPS

  • MK

    I have recently bought a wacom tablet about a month ago with my company card and about a month later, received a fraudulent call from AMEX saying that there was a $690 charge on some computer supplies and I believe this has happened, because I have purchased from this website.

  • KSS

    I was considering to sell some electronics and other items on Rakuten… this scares me and it does not seem a worth paying the selling fees to list my items for sale…

  • Lynn


    I’ve just placed an order last month on Rakuten costed me roughly $100. But later the shop canceled my order without asking me until I received an email from rakuten. I’m wondering if I can get the money back and HOW? If yes, will the money be refunded in my bank account or in super points which I really don’t want to receive 🙁 I can’t find any answer for my case anywhere!

  • KSS

    I’ve sent an email to DREW RIFKIN with Rakuten about my concern on selling items on but NO REPLY, my email has been ignored or trashed… SO MUCH FOR HIM TO SAY:

    “Feel free to contact our Business Development Manager if you have questions about selling on Shopping!”


  • Joe M

    Probably the worst reseller I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. I ordered the Barcelona towel warmer on October 11 and the original seller was Wayfair. This was going to be a gift for a newly married couple and I was excited about it since I was getting such a good deal. However, on Oct. 17, I received a serving tray instead of the towel warmer! On calling up Wayfair’s customer service, I was informed that Rakuten had placed the incorrect order with Wayfair. Wayfair sent me a return label for the tray. When I called Rakuten, they claimed that they did not place the incorrect order with Wayfair and asked for one day to resolve the matter. Rakuten and Wayfair (in separate emails) got back today (Oct. 18) and said that the towel warmer was no longer in stock (it was in stock until Oct. 17)! This was a really horrible experience, especially since I stopped looking for other deals (a week ago) for my gift and had to spend an hour on the phone with Wayfair and Rakuten. Also, now after reading the other reviews, I am worried that my credit card info may be compromised. I’ll be cancelling my card and obviously never deal with this horrible reseller again!

  • Jim

    Rakuten is a complete FRAUD. They confirm orders, but then do not ship them. Calls to Rakuten endure lengthy holds and then promises to look into the matter and respond, but nothing ever
    happens. Messages get a response with an incident number promising a further reply within 24 hr, but no reply ever follows. RAKUTEN IS A SCAM – they charge your card (then charge additional unauthorized purchases to it, search
    “Rakuten fraud” on Google), and never ship anything or reply to customer service complaints.

  • Coronado

    I am a merchant on Rakuten and less than 24 hours after renewing my subscription, which comes in form of placing an order as any other customer would, my card sees a hit of $2600 at Nordstrom!! Needless to say, we will no longer be selling on Rakuten and we are in the process of canceling our account. If Rakuten cannot facilitate a safe and secure shopping experience for customers AND merchants, then we cannot do business together. This is just unbelievable!!

  • Stephen Erickson

    I ordered a book from Rakuten and they charged me $500.00 for shipping. I have been unable to get a refund for the excessive shipping charge.

  • Stephen Erickson

    As I earlier reported shopping charged me $500 for shipping a book. I spent many days screaming at Rakuten people trying to get my money back with no results. I mostly screamed at poor Filipino girls in the Manilla call center. That was a mistake. They were not the problem. The problem was with the lying thieving bastards who work for shopping in California. I have asked COO Bernard Luthi to send my refund ($533.18USD)to the girls in the call center in Manilla. Their country has recently been hit by the worst typhoon on record. I post this so the girls in the Manilla call center will see it and hopefully keep Bernard Luthi honest.

  • Eri

    Wow, I wish I had googled all these Rakuten fraud issues before I made my order in November.

    Enticed by a “free global shipping” campaign, I made several purchases at a vendor’s storefront. They did not even send me an invoice for 12 days and this is only after I contacted them directly in both Japanese and English. Since the invoice they finally sent me had a a roughly $40 (3600yen) shipping fee tacked onto it, I replied asking for clarification. Then, another 2 weeks of silence. I go online and see that the store took down their entire global store front. It is then that I email the store AGAIN (in English and Japanese) as well as make a formal complaint through Rakuten because, this just seems scammy.

    So I realize that…
    Rakuten is merely a 3rd party and has absolutely no responsibility to the customer for fraud and general shittiness on behalf of their vendors. The official reply I received from Rakuten Global was a short memo that they contacted the vendor…to encourage them to contact me asap. What? That is all?

    I also began to find horror stories about this store Surugaya and numerous complaints about bad customer service and general shadiness. Customers are charged in full for items that are never delivered and the store simply says things must have gotten lost in shipping (impossible when all the items are sent in the same damn box). They continue to get away with this because there are no protections for international customers and if they garner enough complaints, they can simply rename their storefront on Rakuten and continue to do business as usual.

    I told the shop then to cancel my order. We will see if they charge my credit card. And if they did, I doubt Rakuten will help me get my money back.

    AND THESE WERE CHRISTMAS GIFTS. Ugh, way to ruin the holiday spirit.

  • james boatright

    Being 49 years old, I have learned anything it’s trust is EARNED never given ! I was shopping saw a better price than my usual vendors. 1ST RED FLAG hold on typed in “RAKUTEN” 2ND FLAG many post on card fraud 3RD RED FLAG Japanese company, Not all are such. Any company that changes its name and invest in expansion and little over site , ill take my business elsewhere. where’s a Trojan Horse when you need one. I got lucky shut this business down if this is true and with thousands complaining. your correct, something is not right.

  • Kelly

    Rakuten, unlike ebay, does not do due diligence on it’s sellers. Rakuten customers have NO protection.

    1. I live in Japan and purchased a rug on Rakuten but was called the next day by the seller to advise that they had made a mistake with the price (missed a zero off the figure) and advised that did not want to sell the rug at the listed price and cancelled the transaction.

    2. I have had numerous fraudulent charges from UK sources on my Japanese card card after purchasing products in Japan on Rakuten (like the other posters here).
    Both involved a number of multiple charges of several hundred dollars and happened on two separate times over a year. It took a while for me to recognise that these were linked to my purchases on Rakuten.
    Thank fully the credit card company refunded them.

    Do not make the same mistake. Don’t use Rakuten unless you are prepared to be defrauded and take quick action.

  • BK

    I bought a camera from dig jungle @ and still did not get it. The order was placed Nov 30,got tracking number with shipping initiated on Dec 4. After the initial shipping date it stopped and no updates were available. I waited for a week and emailed them, then I got a late reply saying they would ship it again on express but did not do it. After 2-3 emails and a week finally my tracking number says product shipped and is on its way. I will be getting it tomorrow but don’t know if it will the one which I ordered. I gave a bad review in their site and my review was not published. I complained to rakuten which sent an automated email saying they would investigate my concern and reply within 24 hours. It’s been 4 days no action taken after I received automatic email their site. So total waiting days on my regular shipping was 22 days till today against 14 days which they have listed in their site. Will update tomorrow after I receive my camera. PS- I did not have any credit card issues so far.

    • RakutenFraud Post author

      At least Target has admitted there is a problem and is taking steps to rectify the situation. To date, Rakuten has done no such thing. They say they have no idea how something like this could ever happen, it’s not possible, and the fraud continues.

  • P

    Yet another reason to add to the list of why not to buy from them. I ordered a pair of Samsung SSDs from their Ebay site. They ship me two shrinkwrapped units. First odd fact was that a post it note with an RMA number was attached to one of the units. Opened the first one and it has not an SSD but a 4 pack of Energizer batteries taped in place where the SSD should be in the packaging. I file a case report immediately and keep the other one still shrink wrapped so they can do a followup investigation on their own. Their response: essentially they said they checked with their warehouse and the warehouse says it sent me two new units and therefore they will provide no refunds, no exchanges, no actual product. In a word, they in essence accused me of trying to defraud them rather than the other way around. Stick with Amazon, at least they have some integrity and won’t try to defame others in an attempt to keep their $700. In 20 years of doing business on the internet I’ve personally never seen anything like this.

  • shazbot

    I purchased a Nikon 70-300mm lens about 2 weeks ago and this was the only thing I purchased on the internet in the past few months and today I was charged $650 in Nairobi Africa. These guys need to be stopped now!

  • Nedim


    I got a call (few days ago) from my Bank (holder of my credit card) to ask me about charges that seemed odd (they were out of my country.
    And I found out that Rakuten-ipg Jakarta stole 583 $ from me!! My card has been canceled.
    I’ve never used that site (Rakuten) or

  • Sue Northedge

    Last November I tried to purchase a coat from Rakuten but they kept emailing saying my card number wasn’t correct. I knew it was as I had used to get my groceries earlier that same day. I called and after long wait the woman who answered said she would re-set my card but when I tried later that day same thing, so I gave up. Then started to read about the scams. I have had 2 payments taken out from which I have never used and never will. I am asking my bank to investigate for fraud now.

  • AegisM

    My fiancee and I ordered a $40.00 ring about a week or so ago off of and paid via credit card. We track them via the tracking number and they’re about halfway across the country by now, heading towards us to make the delivery. But then we check our e-mails and we get a message saying that they don’t deliver to PO boxes, and that they’re taking our ring back to wherever they had it at first.

    I’m just hoping that my information isn’t going to be stolen after all I’ve read here. We were really hoping to get our engagement ring at last, but then this happens. Please, whoever is reading all of these stories, AVOID Rakuten if you can.

  • amazon paypal

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    about this post, while I am also eager of getting familiarity.

  • Julie

    I would LOVE to hear from Mr. Luthi about a nightmare I currently cannot awaken from regarding an order through Fire Source Sales. There are over 15 emails that include so called Rakuten Customer Service, Fire Source Sales and myself. I have invested at least 6 hours invested in this fraudulent sale. On Monday I spoke w/April who is in your call center in the Philippines. I actually spoke to her a couple of times. She promised me a call back from Corporate Office in CA because that is what I wanted. On Tuesday, I called back again since no one phoned me and was again promised a call-zippo. So, for the LAST time, I called again this evening and was told that the “Specialist” should be calling me. I’m not holding my breath. I informed the gentleman this evening that I will NOT be calling back again. The ball is, and has been, in Rakuten’s court and I’m done babysitting. You chose to have Fire Source Sales represent your name and ultimately, you’re responsible for this transaction. This whole situation makes me sick. Your customer service needs a major overhaul and your “specialists” are either very few or really aren’t special at all. Please check out all of the email correspondence between the 3 parties. I hope one of the news channels I included picks up interest because I’d love for a segment to appear on the 10 P.M. news. What does it take to get a call from the good ol U.S.A., specifically from the corporate level? FIRE SOURCE SALES LIED TO ME, TOOK MY MONEY AND ARE THE PICTURE OF FRAUD. WHY RAKUTEN CHOOSES TO KEEP THEM AS A PARTNER IS VERY, VERY PERPLEXING. BEWARE PEOPLE…DO NOT BUY FROM FIRE SOURCE…AND DON’T EXPECT ANYONE AT RAKUTEN TO GIVE A RAT’S REAR ABOUT YOUR PURCHASE, CONCERNS OR CONTINUED BUSINESS.

  • Jeanette Wilson

    Rakuten customer service is horrendous I spoke to the fraud dept. regarding the scam and they said they can not help me and would not give me my $1360 back. Although they knew about the scam artists selling on their site…the Fraud dept. Tasha said oh did you send the wire to Italy. So they were aware of the security breach going on with this scam and who knows how many times this has happened. Those sellers are taken down…but I found them back up again today selling the same stuff and they tried to do the same scam to me again 24 hours later. Todd the Dir. of Operations called me to get the information but said he can’t guarantee anything about getting my money back but wanted to get the information of the new scammers on the site . So they want me to help them but they won’t help the victims…nice. Anyways WARNING site is so not secure and these were “verified” buyers with great seller ratings, but they are hacking into the Rakuten site. Rakuten said it was not purchased on their site so I am not backed up by them. I was skeptical of the seller and this is what the real Rakuten customer service rep told me to do “I am sorry for the confusion about getting the order placed for SKU 245330120.

    In an effort to provide our customers the broadest selection of products, Rakuten offers listings from independent sellers in our marketplace. When you place a Rakuten Marketplace order, you make a purchase directly from the seller throughRakuten’s checkout process. Rakuten charges your method of payment and coordinates the shipment with the seller, who ships the order directly to you.

    Your security is our priority, so Rakuten does not share your payment information with a seller. We also take pride in carefully protecting our customers with our Marketplace Guarantee should any issue arise in the process of receiving your order.

    We encourage you to reach out to the sellers to confirm any information regarding the item or the independent seller’s policies. You may contact Ballhogjoni Enterprises via email at:

    You may contact them directly about the shipping fee of the item they have listed in our website as at is currently offered at higher price than the $11 shipping charge mentioned in their email.

    Rakuten holds its marketplace sellers to high standards of quality, so you can expect a response back from the seller by the close of the next business day.

    • Julie

      Oh Jeanette, I feel your pain! Sadly, there are probably thousands of people that have similar stories to ours. I spend a couple of hours reseaching Rak and found a phone number to the corporate office. From there I actually ended up finding Bernard Luthi’s phone # and left him a message. While I will NEVER buy anything from Rak or ever again, I will say that I did hear back from Mr. Luthi in the form of an email and your friend, Nick, was also copied. I just replied to them in length this morning, so I’ll be eager to see how either of them respond. I’m guessing I will get the standard, “we take fraud very seriously, blah, blah.” But now you and I, along w/the rest of these people on this thread, know to never ever buy from them again and we are willing and feel compelled to warn others-because it’s morally right for most people to want to HELP others. I really don’t understand how they will stay in business-time will tell! Have a nice weekend-Julie

  • Jeanette Wilson

    I have been financially devastated by a scam through Rakuten. I am a small business owner and full time stay at home mom of two young toddlers. My husband is a professional musician and drum instructor. He is very talented at photography and I wanted to buy him a nice Canon camera so he could make additional income for our family since his drum teaching business had slowed down quite a bit. I found an incredible deal on Rakuten and was a bit skeptical of the seller because when I went to check out and there was a $299 shipping charge. So I sent an email to the “real customer service” Rakuten and they replied back the following to ease my concern about the seller (see quote below at end of this email) in essence saying that he was a verified seller and encouraged I reach out to them directly. Anyways, from their this “verified” and highly rated seller told me that the order had been processed through Rakuten and to check my spam mail for order details and directions. Anyways, it was a fake Rakuten document with order support link that went directly to the thieves…so the rest of my correspondence was through them thinking I was talking to customer support at Rakuten (the order had links that clicked to customer support at Rakuten). Anyways, after much hesitation and many emails being confused on why I could not process through a credit card they said it was a safe transaction and that this particular seller only accepted Wire Transfers. So I told the fake customer support at Rakuten I was confused because the on Rakuten’s real website I saw credit cards were accepted. After researching and realizing that Rakuten also did take Wire transfers as a form of payment I thought ok this is just a weird way of purchasing. The fake Rakuten CS said they were a verified seller and had been with Rauketen for 7 years and I did notice on the real Rakuten Website they were highly rated with good reviews. Furthermore the theives told me that the Wire Transfer would be held with a Rakuten Agent until I received the camera. I know I feel like a fool now but I did research Rakuten and saw this was a really big company like Ebay and again over and over again Rakuten encouraged me to work with the seller directly.

    So now I am out of all of our money to pay my families bills is gone. I contacted Tasha at the fraud department and I told her I did a wire transfer…and then she immediately said where to Italy? I said yes, and she said I don’t know how they keep getting on their site. So this seems to happen all the time. Anyways, I was mad…she said I had no recourse and that Rakuten could not give me my money back since the order was not put through the company. Don’t you think think that Rakuten has some responsibility in the fact that their so called verified sellers are completely fake fraudulent accounts? From here I went back on the site to see what was going on and did some research…and now I see the same scam is back up on a different name (I have proof of this because I took pictures of the site and also set ups a sting operation to see if it was the same sellers and indeed it was) So I sent Tasha an email notifying her that they have done nothing to stop the fraud at Rakuten. Within five minutes the Director of Operations, Nick Thompson, calls me….which is funny that for over 24 hours I was waiting for a manager to contact me back. Now I had Nick Thompson calling me asking for the new name of the account. I said I will help you out if you can go back to your guarantee that I will get my money back from your company since I never received my product. He said, well, I can’t guarantee that but if you tell me the whole story then maybe I can help you. I said you know the whole story and he then stated he needed the new name of the seller scamming now so he could get the full story to tell to the CEO. Don’t trust him at all and was a totally rude/ belittling to me on the phone. Well, it’s funny of the thousands of sellers on there I found them pretty easily…I should be working for the fraud department at Rakuten so maybe someone could pay me some salary from Rakuten and I can tell you exactly what these scam artists are doing. Anyways, I was pissed off…I mean seriously you are going to let the scam artists sell more fraud to the public out there to save you $1400 off your bottom line…DISGUSTING. I am pretty sure the Director of Operations has the authority to return my money to me. I told him it’s a million dollar company and you are not going to help a victim out and the general public out. He said big or small companies have to watch their numbers no matter how much money they make. I guess he is willing to let the scam artist stay on the site so he can save money for the company…but in the long wrong it will cost you a lot more. Furthermore, I asked the Director of Operations, what the process is for seller verification and he said he wasn’t exactly sure and that he’d have to research it. Anyways, this company has a huge Security and PR problem. I am going to tell my story to whoever will listen including the Attorney General , the higher ups of Rakuten, and the media. The customer service so far has taken no responsibility for this breach of security and the site is now completely run by thieves. I hope you are able to notify the CEO and top management of what is going on Rakuten site.

    Also, it seems that no one at Customer Service is aware of these scams , as Wella, a CS person I spoke to several times over the phone told me there was still a chance I might get the camera even though I Wire Transferred a person in Italy. Why isn’t there training and an alert going out to all personnel at Rakuten warning of Wire Transfers. The website also has no warnings of Wire Transfer payments like Craigslist does…it just says they accept Wire Transfers as a form of payment.

    Thanks for your time,
    Jeanette “Jenny” Wilson
    I am sorry for the confusion about getting the order placed for SKU 245330120.

    In an effort to provide our customers the broadest selection of products, Rakuten offers listings from independent sellers in our marketplace. When you place a Rakuten Marketplace order, you make a purchase directly from the seller throughRakuten’s checkout process. Rakuten charges your method of payment and coordinates the shipment with the seller, who ships the order directly to you.

    Your security is our priority, so Rakuten does not share your payment information with a seller. We also take pride in carefully protecting our customers with our Marketplace Guarantee should any issue arise in the process of receiving your order.

    We encourage you to reach out to the sellers to confirm any information regarding the item or the independent seller’s policies. You may contact Ballhogjoni Enterprises via email at:

    You may contact them directly about the shipping fee of the item they have listed in our website as at is currently offered at higher price than the $11 shipping charge mentioned in their email.

    Rakuten holds its marketplace sellers to high standards of quality, so you can expect a response back from the seller by the close of the next business day.

    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.


    Wella | Customer Support

  • Jeanette Wilson

    update Mr. Luthi never returned my call. I emailed all his friends on Facebook though asking for help since I am in dire straits. They are all about the bottom $ and not helping victims out who have been scammed on their site.

  • Tami

    I purchased from on 3/19/14. The fraud dept. from my bank called me on 3/21/14 asking me if I had made purchases in Belgium. My answer of course was NO. I only purchased through because I used to purchase from and never had any problems. It wasn’t until I did a search on the only on line purchase I made in the last two days that I realized it was their ( site that had stolen my ID. I see that most of these post started a year ago…and they still don’t have it fixed??? Seriously??? It has to be an employee. Needless to say I am spreading the word through all social media sites that I can think of to keep others from buying from them.

  • brent

    1300 in fraudulent charges 2 or 3 days after ordering from rakuten. Joined this site just to post that. Still happening. 3/22/14

  • terry

    The first time i step outta amazon newegg or tiger direct to buy something and wow Rakuten You Suck! kinda my fault though because i never usually buy from anyone without reading reviews. real reviews are the only thing i trust but this time i didnt read up on this stupid site so my bad. i didnt buy much just a cellphone case for around $30.00 and received an EMPTY BOX a slap in the da#% face oh well learned my lesson. but it makes me think of all of the people trusting this site with much larger purchases. FU** YOU RAKUTEN!!

    • Tami

      I did exactly the same thing you did! I did’t read the reviews and boy did I pay for it. The empty box may not be your worst problem. If you’ve read some of these including mine, just a few above yours, you will see that Rakuten is all about stealing your cc info and using it overseas. They tried using mine in Belgium. Fortunately I have a wonderful credit union who caught it, suspended all charging on it (including mine), then called me to as if I had made those purchases. Well now I have to wait on a new card and change the payment method on everything I used the card for.arrrrrgg. So, be sure and watch your cc or dc that you used to pay these a__ holes for fraudulent charges. Let’s stick to Amazon from now on 🙂

  • Stranger22

    If you are looking to buy an item for a considerably low price, then Rakuten is place to look at. But do not attempt to buy. Your money might be as well thrown away.

    I bought an Philips Toothbrush heads, for amount of about $15. Someone name “Sandy” sent me a totally different set. When I tried to find what should I do next, e-mail from someone “Katy” advised me that I can keep an item for 15% less comparing to what I paid or pay my own return shipping for that item. Why would I need an item that I have no use for? After that all communications went to halt. No emails; customer service on the phone advised me to contact seller, which is some other company, somehow related to Rakuten.

    I filed complaint with PayPal, let’s see what will happen.

    I might be a scam to some point. You order an item, company sent you anything, and you stuck with additional expenses of returning it. If you don’t return it then you wasted money.

  • M P

    Rakuten isnt a safe place to buy. MY AntiVirus detects this as MALWARE. I use avast! Free Antivirus (the highly used one) so umm yeah , Do not buy there anyway , Just go to Amazon

  • Lisa Garcia

    The Rakuten on site store is a SCAM, and I wish I would have read the review prior to making a purchase. I ordered lamps by mail and received a box of broken glass. I contacted both the supplier as well as Rakuten NUMEROUS times and was promised resolution in 24 hours after each contact. I never received any follow up and each time I called back I was told that they were still investigating. After a week they had the audacity to lie and say the closed the investigation because they never heard back from ME. I have filed complaints with Google, PayPal, and my bank. This has been a HORRIBLE experience. While our money floats around Rakuten- Ole Bernard gets rich. SICKENING!!!!!!

  • Vehbi Bolat

    I intended to purchase the newest version of the Kindle Paperwhite. But they sent a friend of mine in the States the first generation of Kindle PW. I had to wait sometime until my friend left the States. I opened a case on the PayPal. They issued a full refund. But I had to pay for the return shipping cost from Turkey. I will never buy from this online store anymore. I am very disappointed…

      • yuko

        So far using global rakuten, i haven’t experience any issues. Most sellers on global rakuten don’t accept foreign credit cards, they only accepts wu, bank transfer, alipay or paypal.

  • Janet Hunter

    On Sunday, July 27, 2014, I ordered the following item:

    NEW Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset microphone

    On Wednesday, July 30, 2014, I received from you by mail the following:

    A USED Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset microphone, which had clandestinely placed in the wrong packaging (I have photos that I can email to you), missing parts such as the ear buds and several other items.

    There is no way of contacting either vendor. There is no web page for Eshop; and you will see for yourself there is no phone nor email address for Rakuten (formerly on their web page. Furthermore, the contact form on a Rakuten web page does not work!

    Next I spent a great deal of time to skip trace these vendors. Eventually I found a phone number of 800.800.0800. However, their customer service reps, Filven, and supervisor Fritch, refused to help me. Instead, they said my only possible solution was to EMAIL Eshop! They refuse to give me a phone number to reach Eshop.

    In summary, judging by the extraordinary effort taken by Eshop to clandestinely hide a USED product, missing parts, into the WRONG PACKAGING, it would seem your vendors Rakuten & Eshop (or Eshop LLC) are acting fraudulently in some sort of bait-and-switch manner. Furthermore, these vendors hide their contact information; and to date, I have no other solution to settle this fraud!

  • joe

    I ordered an SD card for what seemed like a good price. The price didnt seem so good after they charged me and then sent me a “fake” useless tracking number. They sent the post office a notification that they were GOING to ship a package and they never shipped it though.

    It was obviously just a trick and I looked up the seller CELLMEM and they have had this exact same issue with other people. I found their number on the BBB site and called but they wouldnt even pick up for 2 days. Then when it finally went to a voicemail they never called me back. When I tried to contact them the way rakuten says to, they had set it just to loop back to their main page meaning there was no way to contact the vendor.

    Anyways, long story short. They charged the card, sent a fake tracking number and then bailed. I received nothing. I wish I had looked up the seller but since I had used for years I thought it was all safe. Well its not so heres just yet another story to add to the pile of Rakuten fails, frauds and scams. I think a lot of people get ripped off and dont post here either. I almost didnt bother but I feel like I should for other peoples sake. Dont use rakuten anymore if you actually want to: A) receive what you paid for and B) not get your card charged by someone else.

  • Auro

    I found a GPS in Rakuten Website with a good price of 16.800 ienes with a OBDII connector included. It even promissed 2000 ienes discount if I register my e-mail.
    After registering and not getting the discount, I contacted them believing it could be a mistake.
    They replied in english telling me that I can get the discount using the registered account. The discount did not worked in the shopping cart, so I asked to get my account canceled. The surprise is that after my contact, the GPS price get rised to 19.800 ienes and no discount even with the new price.
    Now they told me they cannot cancel my account without sharing my data with other sector.
    And the account sector tells me that they only can use Japanese language and the “discount” can be used only with the registered account.

  • Lisa

    On Saturday, August 9th, I checked my bank account as I do most days to see what has cleared, etc. I had 2 charges from RAKUTEN.COMBUY. The first for about 130.00, the second for about 990.00. I had NEVER heard of this company or bought anything from them. My bank is in the process of tracing the charges. I have had to cancel my debit card and get a new one which has yet to arrive. I don’t know who these people are but I would NOT GO NEAR this site. I am currently out of about 1200.00 dollars and I didn’t even purchase anything.

  • Jeanette

    I am researching taking them to small claims court. I recommend taking this route as Bernanrd and crew have done absolutely nothing to help…all they care about is their bottom line and they continue to let crooks on their site… I will share the process w/ anyone interested in doing the same.

  • chris paynter

    I got hit. Just found this site a couple of weeks ago. Thought I was in the clear, as my only rakuten purchase was back in May and I hadn’t seen any problems. Yesterday my bank called me to question a charge on my card; it was from a “publishing house” in the UK for $147. Though it’s impossible for me to prove, the pattern clearly indicates that this is the result of my May purchase from rakuten. The bank rejected the charge and has cancelled the old card and will reissue a new one. The pain of it is, this is my card that gives me 6%+ on restaurants and we’re going on vacation in a few days! I’m hoping that we get the card before then.

  • Chris

    I used my Visa card to order a gift card from Rakuten. 3 days later my card number was used to purchase $3500+ from Bob’s Discount Furniture and then $2000+ from Home Depot. Both transactions were blocked by my CC company. My CC company cancelled my card number which is the most annoying part because it is linked to automatic bill payments and I know have to wait for my new card to arrive. I can’t link Rakuten to these fraudulent charges directly but the co-incidence is there.

  • Michael Madison

    I purchased a D-Link camera from using a brand new credit card. A couple of days later there was a fraudulent charge for $20 on the card. The merchant for the charge was listed as ASPCA with a Jamaica telephone number. I called the number to find out about the charge. The person who answered told me she had nothing to do with the charge and has been receiving multiple calls about the same issue.

    I reported the fraud and ordered a new credit card. I made a purchase of the same item with my new card. A few days later I received a call from Visa’s fraud department letting me know that an attempted charge was declined because the transaction used the wrong expiration date. Given that was the first and only transaction on this new card there is no question that there is a serious security breach within their system and going forward I will not make any purchases from

  • gene button

    avoid this den of theives at all cost!! we sold $4000 in products on rakuten, never got paid a cent!sent over 100 emails, not a single reply had to file complaints with the bbb and calif. attorney generals office. they are an arrogant band of crooks that should not be allowed to sell anything in this country

  • gene button

    avoid this pack of theives, whether you buy or sell on rakuten, you will be filing complaints with the BBB and the California Attorney Generals office as rakuten has no customer support and really do not care if you are satisfied or not on your transaction….beware, you have been warned…we were ripped off for nearly 3000 dollars!

  • only me

    i want to say a big thank you to everybody that commented on these wall i was about to spend all my life saving worth $19000 dollar on rakuten i thank u all for not misleading me, may God bless you all and refund your previous losses

  • Mike

    The company I bought a battery from 21 days ago seems to not even exist. The phone number went to a back customer service, then email came back undeliverable. Rakueten said they would try to contact the merchant. I revered the charges with my credit card company. No good customer service here!

  • Al

    I’d like to chime in from the seller side. Really wish I had found before signing up to be a seller at They “approved” my account, took my money, and I tried to list my products for sale on their site. Wasn’t going to happen. Apparently, even though I was “approved” to be a seller on I was not approved to list products in the category that my products belong in. Many, many, e-mails to their technical support with no response. So along with “buyer beware” I would also add “SELLER BEWARE.” This place is just one gigantic ripoff.

  • Brian Crawley

    Rakuten also has several videos on Youtube. Pick any one of them and add comments about their fraudulent activities. You might as well, you’ll never see your money or the product you ordered, so you can cause a small measure of discomfort, while warning others. Word to the wise; Rakuten has also acquired “” recently. Another chameleon tactic probably.

  • Rose

    We didn’t even buy anything from Rakuten to begin with, but they somehow got access to our credit card number through another online buying site — I think it may have been Amazon even — and opened up an ‘account’ in our name, in which even as I’m typing this they continue to add expensive items to our ‘cart’. Had to cancel our credit card so there is now nothing in the bank account they were stealing from. Originally according to the bank they tried to charge $2900 to the account, then once that didn’t go through (we didn’t have anywhere near that much money) they tried to charge $1800, then when that didn’t go through either they went down to $656, which they were successful in extracting.
    There is no way to phone Rakuten, when there really should be, and no way to close the fraudulent Rakuten account without contacting them and requesting that they take it down themselves.Which, of course, I highly doubt they will.

  • John

    I have bought items on previously and didn’t have any trouble although their website needed extensive help.
    Most recently I placed an order, checked out and was immediately billed. Guess what? No record of my order and NOBODY responds from Rakaten by phone or email. If you contact customer support by phone you are able to leave a message (not great, but at least they have that). The problem lies with them promising a response within 24 hours (which never happened by email or phone). I cancelled through my cc company and will never, ever buy or shop on their site again.

  • Anthony losacco

    I purchased a projector screen on the Best Buy marketplace on 11/29 for $195 with an arrival date of 12/9/14.

    Last week I called Ratuten when the order updates were not arriving, and they said it was not yet processed. I was concerned because it was due to arrive this week and I questioned them. The representative told me it would arrive on time. About a day latter on 12/5/14 I received an e-mail confirmation stating the order was shipped via fed-ex.

    When it did not arrive today, I called them. First they told me the order was shipped but had no tracking number. I called Fed-ex who confirmed nothing nationwide was due to arrive at my home (yes fedex can track that.)

    I called them back and confronted them and was told the order was “lost” at the warehouse and not shipped. They said they needed days to investigate, but the money cleared my bank last week, and they can’t tell me anything at all.

    I called a third time and they claimed that they never charged me for it. I gave them the date and time it cleared my bank and they said it was a “system error” but they have no idea what happened to the order and are now “investigating” and want me to give them a week.

    So they took 195$ from me last month for an order that never shipped and they claim they don’t know what happened to. IS THIS LEGAL? MY SHERIFF’S OFFICE SAID THEY CAN’T HELP ME.

  • J

    Do not use Rakuten it is one big scam I got taken for over 500.00 because these people are criminals. I suggest taking this to your attorney general and going from there. We need to shut these people down and prosecute every one that is involved. I feel for all the people that have scared by the effect of soulless people.

  • Linda

    I noticed a charge for $22.43 on my credit card for something I never purchased–as a matter of fact–I have NEVER purchased from So they or somebody must have stolen my credit card. I made several purchases on in early-mid December then again at the first of January. The erroneous charge appeared 12/31/2014. So perhaps they or somebody stole the number from amazon during my purchasing. In any event, I contacted the bank and they took care of it. Do not use Rakuten.

  • Jason

    My Rakuten Bankcard was hacked & used for $600 foreign (Jamaica) transactions last week. I just happened to check my statement online and noticed it. I immediately called in to report it & had the rep close my account. Good customer service but they offer no fraud notifications for this type of occurrence. I’ll keep the account closed

  • daniel

    after 2 years, i’m back here to comment.. i just gave up the problem with rakuten and never more posted about their fraudulent stuffs.. meaniless to fight against big companies managed by assholes. I never more buy things from rakuten or using any rakuten services. When i see rakuten brand i refuse.. simple like this.. the good thing is, after stop buying on rakuten, i started to buy on amazon japan.. 1000% better… really.. On Amazon Japan, in 2 years, i had 2 problems with wrong products the seller sent to me.. I complaint using Amazon automatted customer service and then, Amazon sent the message to the seller that promptly solved the problem by send me the correct item.. All done and after the process finished, Amazon suport center still asked me to know if i was satisfied, if the seller was polite, etc… WOW!!! This is what ALL STORES MUST DO! But in rakuten websites they dont give any fuck care with customers.. Support center dont care nothing.. if you have some trouble with some store, they just say they are not responsible for nothing.. This is unnaceptable..

    the comment of guy called “Brian Crawley” is pure shit.. as he said “bull crap”… he is distorting the things.. He think the fact to him lived some years in Japan he can said such stupid shit? american redneck..
    This guy, probably working on rakuten in usa..
    Instead of rakuten expend money to flood the internet with false profiles to attack customers that expose fraudulent issues, rakuten should work to change the posture with customers..

    Well.. that was very sad .. truly… over 8 years buying on rakuten faithfully, Rakuten do that shit with me.. I can imagine how many other customers like experienced the same..
    today, after 2 years, i really dont care anymore.. i would like to talk with the ceo personally, but after many research i figured out the rakuten ceo is a shit person.. This explain the company behaviour.. The company reflects the owner mind and the employees mind too..

    This is all.. one more note, i visited the store that sent me fake product.. the store still there!! unbeliveble.. the system is the same.. they still deleting the bad reviews, selling fake items, etc… unbelievable..

    One more note for Brian Crawley, what i mean with “falseness of Japanese society” is because all others countries have a different image of japan society. All others countries think japaneses are 98% honests, respectfull, bla bla bla.. but this is a silly mistake.. In fact, almost of them are much more respectfull and honest than many others societies but this doesnt means is safe to trust in any japanese.. this all.. i was not comparing cultures, societies, or this bull crap you wrote..

  • Clay

    I purchased an item from these lying cheats, and was shipped the wrong item. Then they tried to get me to pay to ship it back. I’m putting up a website walking people through the process to sue them in small claims court in California, which I am doing. I’m also going to be posting the phone numbers and home addresses for all of their executives so people can let them know in person what scumbags they are for working for such a shady and scammy company. It’s time to name and shame Americans who are willing to sell out their fellow citizens for some scummy Japanese executives. It’s the late 80s all over again.

  • Jim Julian

    I ordersd a weather radio with two small satellite modules. Only one of the smaller satellite modules arrived. All of the advertising is about the radio set. The invoice only lists the one module.
    I just finished requesting an RMA as stipulated in their return policy. The seller was ‘Buy’ or ‘buy’ on eBay. The act was a blatant fraud in my opinion.

  • Luxury Vintage Expert

    Hey all, I understand that this website is dedicated specifically for Rakuten, but I wanted to warn you all about Rakuten Global Market as well. It’s a marketplace (much like eBay) where sellers around the world (mostly Japan) are able to list items and sell to people around the world…including counterfeit and misrepresented items.

    I have been purchasing items through Rakuten Global Market on the regular for the past two years now without much trouble. I purchase authentic items that I can refurbish or up-cycle and sell it in the U.S. where I live. This is very difficult, because you have to go by pictures and the poorly translated listing details. Usually the pictures are good enough to tell whether the item is legitimate or not. The only time I did have a real issue before this recent experience, I was able to get it resolved quickly and without a problem because my payment was made through PayPal.

    Just to share with you my most recent experience…I made the biggest mistake and purchased an item from a seller from Japan called “NICO” with my credit card and not PayPal. *** BECAUSE ALL PAYPAL PAYMENTS / PURCHASES ARE PROTECTED BY THEIR BUYER PROTECTION COVERAGE, IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEM, YOU CAN OPEN A CASE AND IF YOU HAVE A VALID CLAIM, YOU CAN GET YOUR MONEY BACK **** Unfortunately, two items I purchased were counterfeit and one item arrived damaged (which was not what the listing had pictured and mentioned). *** SELLING COUNTERFEIT ITEMS IN MOST COUNTRIES (ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES) IS HEAVILY REGULATED AND IS ILLEGAL!!! *** I thought this was a valid case and I emailed Rakuten for support (Rakuten says that they encourage you to contact them if you receive counterfeit items so that they can help you). That was over a week ago and I still haven’t heard from them and I suspect that they never will get back to me…So I called my credit card company *** ANY PURCHASES MADE ON YOUR CREDIT CARD CAN BE DISPUTED AND YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY CAN REFUND YOU THE MONEY WHILE THEY LOOK INTO THE FRAUDULENT CHARGES FOR YOU! *** In this case, I was speaking with VISA and the friendly customer service rep. advised me to contact the store directly, give them an ultimatum, and if I couldn’t resolve it with them, to call back and they’ll handle it. So that’s exactly what I did. Long story short, after going back and forth, they didn’t want to agree to my terms (refund me the whole amount, refund me the foreign transaction fee accrued, and refund me or provide me with return shipping because shipping to Japan is EXPENSIVE!). So now I will be contacting VISA again to handle this charge for me. *** WHEN YOU DISPUTE A FRAUDULENT CLAIM, SELLERS WILL BE DENIED PAYMENT AND WILL BE REPORTED BY YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY ***

    So getting a refund is possible my friends! You might get a slight to long headache depending on how you pay for your item. Make sure you try to purchase things through PayPal. If not, purchase through your credit card and contact them if things do not get resolved with the seller / Rakuten.

    After this instance, I will NEVER be purchasing from Rakuten / Rakuten Global and or any affiliate of Rakuten EVER AGAIN!

    I hope this information helps you all. Good luck!

  • daniel

    @”Luxury Vintage Expert”, this is normal on rakuten.. i posted similar experience i had few years ago. Since then, i stopped to buy on rakuten. Now i’m buying on amazon japan or directly from aliexpress. In comparison, i had same problems on Amazon Japan where the seller sent wrong product. I did a claim and the Amazon market place gave me all support. Very very very different of rakuten. Rakuten don’t give any care. On aliexpress, i had problem with order quantity the seller sent wrong quantity. I did a claim directly to the seller but the seller did not answered. Then, i did claim to aliexpress support center. Immediately , they solved the problem!! Incredible!! The seller was very worry and sent me refund for the missing quantities.. My advice is, avoid to buy thing on japan stores.. 80% of goods in japan stores are produced in china.. you can find all thos items on taobao and alibaba or aliexpress.

    • anon

      Just a fallow up. I do not beleve that rakuten processes your card numbers. The just send the information to the merchent that is selling the item. I never had a charge from rakuten, but from the person listing the item. So, I am assuming it works like this: I buy an item, the merchent buys the item from another place, and the other place ships it to me. mean while, the merchent makes off with my card information, using it or selling it. I am assuming that selling it would be safer for them. One of the charges was for google, so I called google up, gave them my card number, they could not find any record of a transaction with them. Acer was no help when I called them.

    • anon

      Just a fallow up. I do not beleve that rakuten processes your card numbers. They just send the information to the merchent that is selling the item. I never had a charge from rakuten, but from the person listing the item. So, I am assuming it works like this: I buy an item, the merchent buys the item from another place, and the other place ships it to me. mean while, the merchent makes off with my card information, using it or selling it. I am assuming that selling it would be safer for them. One of the charges was for google, so I called google up, gave them my card number, they could not find any record of a transaction with them. Acer was no help when I called them.

  • Edward

    just ordered parts form Raukuten and phone is no longer useable. I never got a confirm that my order was placed but did give them my credit card number and the program kicked me out and re routed me to another web page trying to sell me other stuff. dont use this site for purching anything.

  • PurchasePopular

    I sold 4 products on Rakuten before having my account restricted. Wrote more then 5 emails asking for an explanation and received no response until the 6th email, called their customer service line only to discover that their merchant support only responds via email. Finally got in contact with their merchant support team and they requested information and we sent it. After verifying information they claimed that we did not receive our products from an authorized distributor. When we asked them to contact our distributor and cross verify their information proving that they were indeed authorized they simply ignored our email. Rakuten stole over $800 in sales from our company. We will take this issue to court and seek damages. And we will win.

  • PurchasePopular

    Rakuten stole over $800 in sales from our company and refuses to pay. They refuse to answer any emails inquiring of the sales we made on our website and they also don’t have absolutely any telephone support for merchants.


  • daniel

    @PurchasePopular, this is well know.. Rakuten dont give any support. Dont have tel for contact, ignore enquires by email, etc.. I dont understand why they do this… All others shopping malls offers customer support but rakuten don’t. I suggest you and all others complain on local police/justice. Rakuten is trying to be global but was kicked from China because this and another bad practices. This company really dont have good intentions. Will never be global like ebay, amazon, yahoo, alibaba.

  • Martin

    Ok everyone the only way to stop this or embarras this company as they are clearly the worst ever online company who are only interested in ripping people off.

    Everyone should submit an email to watchdog, if they are inundated with complaints they will be pursued

    Here’s the address please send a brief complaint if your unhappy

  • Jack B




    • RakutenFraud Post author

      Well considering in my case it was a brand new credit card and the ONLY purchase I had made was at Rakuten, the odds are quite high. It’s great this hasn’t happened to you, but I feel it’s more than a coincidence that so many people have experienced the same thing.

  • daniel

    posts about credit card supposed stolen, i think rakuten, despite to be very bad with customers, have no reason to do such stupid thing.. Stolen credit card is much more serious then disrespect the customers.. Perhaps, the guys that noticed strange things with their cards, may have viruses on their computers…

  • Steve

    To those saying Rakuten is not to blame, believe me they are. I had an AMEX card for 20 years, I traveled abroad and used it, I bought from many online merchants like PC Connection, Sparco, Amazon, Ebay, etc. and I never had a problem. Ever. Then I bought from Rakuten to save some dollars on a PC Case and HDD. Guess what? A month later, AMEX called me asking me if by any chance I tried to buy $4000 worth of airline tickets in some asian airline. They had to replace my card, then I had to update my card number everywhere. This happened like a year and half ago but I’m reporting it now because, again Guess what?. I received an email with offers from Rakuten, and it left me a bad taste in my mouth, so I googled rakuten fraud and I found this site. I like to share my story. If you read it and think Rakuten is ok. Go ahead but I will never buy from them again.

  • George

    I ordered an Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Membership from Rakuten which shipped on 9/25/2015 and arrived on 9/28. Obviously very fast shipment. The package was shipped by Red Dot.

    This is a present and often times I don’t open something like this until we are ready to wrap it, but for some reason I did open it. To my surprise there was a thin piece of card stock with one side printed to look like an Xbox Live Gold membership, but the other side was blank. This was an obvious fake. Microsoft prints these on very heavy plastic stock with a scratch off strip on the back that reveals the code.

    I contacted Rakuten which claimed no support since it was purchased through a third party they have allowed to set up and use their site. All the confirmations, order number, shipping and tracking information came via Email from Rakuten. Rakuten blamed Red Dot, and Red Dot is blaming some supposedly authorized Microsoft dealer and they claim they will make this right.

    But the fact remains that there is no other reason to make and or sell a fake Xbox Live Gold card with any other intent but to rip people off. The fact that Rakuten was of no help, and have not posted my warning feedback I left makes it appear they are part of the scam.

    I am going to notify all the proper authorities beginning with the Consumer Fraud Division of the Maine Attorney Generals office, and any federal agency that oversees Internet fraud, mail fraud, and counterfeiting.

    We shall see if Red Dot replaces the fraudulent item with an original, or another knock off. One thing for sure, I will NEVER again order anything from Rakuten, and every potential buyer should be warned.

  • Jason

    I am super suspicious of these claims at Considering how large Rakuten INC truly is, if there was any substantial weight to these arguments, there is no way this would have flown under the media’s radar for as long as it has. If there were any cases, I am sure they were willing to handle the one-off case appropriately because if this was as wide-spread as all the comments are making it out to be, there is no way Rakuten Ichiba wouldn’t have received the same type of intense scrutiny that Target and Lowe’s received. Also, for everyone that is speaking outside their realm of knowledge, is a US registered business that is neither shipping or collecting online payment from Japan or overseas. The ignorance that is displayed here is astounding.

  • jonathan pais

    Rakuten / has on multiple occasions been a nightmare experience for my company. They false advertise shipping times, stock availability, and pricing, over and over again. When they make a mistake, they don’t fix it, but lie to you over and over again hoping they might be able to do something about whatever issue is at hand, until they realize they can’t and well, then it’s on you. Customer service has promised me Rakuten points for inconveniences but have never delivered them. I have wasted hours of time, and had many business problems because of this company. I would recommend that everyone avoid this company like the plague.

  • Jo Ann

    I purchased 2 party tents from them at $1359 total. they cancelled my order, didn’t tell me and never returned my money. I don’t know what to do now.

  • Flushed my money

    Rakuten Review Fraud!!!!!!
    Purchased an $85 auto flush device thru Rakuten and shipping speed was fine. The item however doesn’t remotely perform the task, it is in effect useless garbage. Realizing I’m going to be SOL no matter what, I at least wanted to review the item so others did not waste their money. I Filled out the review form with the Rakuten website and received a confirmation that the review would be reviewed and posted. It never was, they are intentionally disregarding poor product reviews to continue to lure customers to buy Junk that can not be returned. BUYER BEWARE.


    These bastards are linked up to some travel company ws well. They tried to take $575.00 and tried to take $18.36. I was able to get new card from bank. I will never buy anything again nor use Pay Pal.

  • Storm

    Rakuten will promise to give you “super points” however you will not get these immediately and when you do ge them they will sneak them in without letting you know and then they expire them within 2 weeks! Tell me how is anyone supposed to know they have points awarded to them if they are not made aware and when you go to check them (under a month later) you find out they have expired and they refuse to re-instate them. To make matters worse they refuse to reply to emails so you have to keep sending them emails but they just stop replying eventually which is frustrating.

    The only reason I used them was because they were offering these super points which made the product cheaper overall.

    Bottom line: I WISH! I WISH! I had read about them first. DO NOT TRUST, for your own sake!

  • Pauly

    Ordered a pair of shoes from this site, told they were free delivery, after purchase got confirmation of my order. 1/2 hour later I got an email from a company in germany asking me to send the rest of the payment, as the amount they received was short. I told them I paid Rakuten the full amount but they said they will not send the shoes until full amount was paid.

    Rakuten simply replied saying the shop was in germany so they wanted extra payment for postage.

    The point is I didn’t know I was even buying from germany, and the order shows free delivery.

    They said there was nothing they could do, and I should speak to the merchant.

    Cancelled my order in the end and demanded refund.

    Would not buy from them again

  • vip

    I’ve had fair service via and I consider myself a fairly informed e-shopper. There are no sites or vendors that are 100% secure or honest. I always dig deeper regarding the Rakuten vendor I’m dealing with if I’m not familiar with their brick and morter business like Kindel or RagTag (I travel to Japan often). I do the following:

    (1) Research the company name online. See if they have an shop and see if it’s possible to purchase said good via eBay. There are good vendors on Rakuten, Japanese vendors, but be aware that there are a ton of Chinese companies fronting as Japanese owned vendors on Rakuten, and although Japan has very strict laws regarding fraudulent and fake products being bought/sold, it is rooted in country and has no barring on-line sales. They are very strict on what is sold to foreigners. As of two years ago, the news reported that the police had been tracking the import/sale of fake luxury goods being sold in several boutiques throughout Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. So unfortunately even the honest Japanese reseller may not know they have fake goods either. Quite embarrassing! Research, and if it feels wrong, don’t buy!

    (2) Paypal payment option. F*ck no I’m handing over CC or personal bank info. no mater what the item is. No Western Union drafts either. Know your rights

    (3) Keep a close eye on your bank statements and names. You would be surprised how patient some of these fraudsters are to use/sell your info. or sell your banking information.
    It could take weeks or months before a small undetectable charge is made to make sure the CC is still active, then huge rapid charges are made in a mater of hours. Although they know and you know you will ultimately get back all your money and they get away with free goods, it’s still a violation of you and your rights. Damage done.

  • james

    Rakuten and FirstBankCard need to fix themselves. I got a new Rakuten credit card and after my first purchase, I had over 7 unauthorized charges. Rakuten did contact me and I told them I had not made the purchase. They said they would handle it. It took almost 3 months to clear it up and they cancelled the credit card and would not let me access the statements online. I had hard copy statements and had to call numerous times and tell them to remove charges and stop charging me interest on fraudulent charges. They did finally clear it up, but took way too long. USE CAUTION with these fools.

  • Cheryl

    As far as I know I never have ordered ANYTHING from this company.
    So far I do not see any activity on my bank cards.
    I wonder if they are phishing?
    Notice there is no indication of what was ordered.
    Notice the interesting grammar. They are not English speakers.

    Today I got an e-mail: from e-mail

    “Order Received” []


    Receipt for you credit card purchase

    Transaction ID:


    Hello “my e-mail address”

    Thanks for using your PayPal Credit Card, Here’s a receipt for your records.

    we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

    If you don’t want to receive an email every time you use credit card, just change your notification preferences.

    Here are the details of your purchase…

    Amount $43.90
    Merchant Fishpond
    Please note that the name of merchant may different once the transaction is compelete.

    Please allow 2 to 4 business days (not including weekends) for the tracking number to be updated on the shipping carrier’s website.

    Make sure you shop at Fishpond, and security was tight, If you encounter errors purchases, contact us at:

    Note To Order : Your order will be processed.

    Payment for this order will be billed by the property.

    Thank You.

  • Mel

    I had never heard of or used Rakuten before and now I have to fraudulent transactions on my credit card. The bank cancelled the card and will dispute the transactions for me but how did this company get my details to begin with?

  • Mari

    I have never used this company. I got an email from paypal ( I realize now it was fake and a phishing scam) saying I needed to enter my debit card details as the account had to be closed due to suspicious activity. I did so trustingly and began to notice amounts missing from my account with this company name attached. The card is now cancelled and I hope no more damage has been done.

  • Kevin Lyons

    I think my theft problem could if been RFID possibility if not while I was ordering like the other person had replied some how they tap in to your card while you order your business and identity is out there doing these things we are not alone however we have to be carful


  • Savita Kathuria

    My Credit Card was falsely used at this website. I have not done any transaction here. The transaction was done on 17th of August 2017 at 20.58. 3 Transactions were done with totaling an amount of over USD1500. I request you to help me in some way. This is very urgent. We have already blocked the card and lodged a complaint with the bank as well as police.

  • kathy Dinnella

    until today 10/02/17 I’d NEVER heard of “Rakuten – pricemin” before! Oct o1 Sunday I get a call from my banking establishment saying there are 3 cases of fraud on my card ( that I had NOT used since 9/25.) I gave the info needed and closed the card promptly. Then today when the bank opened I went in and found out that my card had been used to purchase something that was $6.25 from Rakuten-pricemin! But the bank only said I have to wait till the items clear before I can disclaim them and open an investigation. And I will! I DO want my $6.25 back! This fraud is more than an ‘inconvenience’ for me, as now I have to WAIT to buy food, pay utilities and even file against the company!! The other two frauds are different companies and will also be dealt with. I had the IRS hacking of 2017 to thank for this!


    Hola soy de Colombia, desde hace aproximadamente me llegan compras a mi tarjeta de credito a nombre de rakuten pricemin 75, la tarjeta de crédito la tuve que bloquear y sin embargo me llega a mi celular semanalmente transacciones a la tarjeta bloqueada



  • Philip Wanjohi Wambugu

    I have never made any transactions with yourselves. I have however found that my credit card has been used for purchases under an account HER ACQUIRERS ON 4th November, 2017 as follows: First one US$5.44; 2nd one US$19.06 and a 3rd one of US$19.06. Could you investigate and let me know.

  • Dorothy Williams

    I got on my computer at 6:30 a.m. and found a credit card alert. Someone had charged RAKUTEN PRICEMIN and RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 on my card. No one in my house was up that early to use my card for these purchases, except myself, and I didn’t do it. Didn’t even know anything about RAKUTEN PRICEMIN until I searched the net for it. My card has been deactivated and a new one will be issued. I have only had this credit card for a month because my last one was hacked, too. I think this is the 3rd hacking this year, 2017. Gets aggravating to have to keep changing out my credit card. Hope the hacker is caught!!

  • Alexandra Crompton

    Count me in. I’ve done my shopping on line as thought be easier. But I’ve received a text from my bank asking me if i have made this transaction, I would say yes to my on line food, but also had a transaction from Rakuten price man for £7.06 luckily it was declined, but this happened a few times now at the beginning of the month. So I’m going to say no as hopefully i would be sent a new card.

  • Roberto Galindez Peschi

    I have been receiving attempts to use my credit card. Today 20/02/2018 at 14:54:10 RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 PARIS tried to pass it for an ammount of 3,59

  • Roger McWhinney

    I have never purchased from Ratuken or affiliates, as far as I can recall, yet I had a call from my bank this morning to ask whether i had made a $2.89 purchase on my CC. When I confirmed in the negative, the bank advised that it was probably a “test”. They have cancelled our cards and we will be without this line of credit for a week or more. I had a look at my account and found that the charge was made by Ratuken in Paris, France where we haven’t been since 2012. Bizarre! Thank you Westpac for being so alert as to detect this fake transaction.

  • Alan

    I just received an alert on my phone for debit card fraud. Quickly called the bank even though it was only $2.22. My bank quickly stopped the charge and closed out the card to issue me a new one. The day before I received a phone call from a number that was almost the same as mine and my wife’s.(I only answered because my headset speaks the number and it was close to my wife’s and my number) When I answered a man said he had a missed call from my number. I said I didn’t call this number and he said he said he must have dialed the wrong number and quickly hung up. I realized almost immediately he probably didn’t dial a number at all and he would’ve just tapped on missed call, I went through my call log and nothing even close to his number.

  • Shannon Murphy

    Not sure if this company caused it but, there was a fraudulent attempt on my emerald card from h&r block, causing my card to be restricted and me having to get a new card.

  • Tracy Isaman

    I received a notice from our bank of suspicious activity on our card. Called the customer service. Denied the charges, which were not honored since they were in another country. They cancelled my card. I’ve never heard of this company.

  • Adrian J McFeeter

    Some person used m credit card Mastercard number:
    5163 2125 0438 5066

    Transaction detail
    Pending – RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 PA PARIS FR (full description available next business day) Transaction detail header for account – Adrians Credit Card This section displays date and amount of the transaction.
    Transaction details for Pending – RAKUTEN PRICEMIN 75 PA PARIS FR (full description available next business day), transaction date is 14 Jun 2018 and amount is -$17.29
    Authorisation date 11 Jun 2018
    Authorisation status Approved
    Transaction date 14 Jun 2018
    Amount -$17.29
    My name is Adrian McFeeter
    I live in Lawnton Australia 4501
    And have not used my card on your service as someone has stolen my identity.
    Please void and translations with are my card number.
    Best Regards
    Adrian McFeeter BA.CS.

  • Ana

    Today i had a fraudulent charge of 15eu! As far as i know i never bought nothing in rakuten so im surprised in the worst sense. I just buy in eBay or amazon. And the story does not end here… Another fraudulent charge of some called “ibis istambul mob” of 522 f****** euros!!!! And “db Internet” and “” with 450eu more fraud. Whats on?? In furious!

  • Paolo

    on June 09 2018 I was charged by RAKUTEN PRICEMIN PARIS FRA the amount of 2.29 Euros without me making any purchase nor having make previous or post purchase with this seller.
    My bank suspended the card since the transaction did not correspond to my regular usage pattern.

  • InstantKarma

    RAKUTEN PRICEMIN attempted fraudulent charges to my card which has been shut off immediately. Thanks to Fraud Alert.

    I hate thieves and crooks. Whoever you are, you should feel rotten and I hope Instant Karma gets you.

  • Susovan Pandit

    Today someone tried 6 times to use my SBI credit card. They even tried to use virtual card. but after 3 attempt(failed off course because wrong OTP) Bank blocked my credit card and informed me over mobile phone. Then I checked my mobile, someone from PAKISTAN tried those attempt.

  • Jeniece Johnson

    I never heard of this company but someone tried to use my card for $83. They already charge $6.00 on it so I’m guessing they thought I was a baller. Not. Nothing but $30.00 on it. Today, 11/26/2018 I received a fraudulent charge from my bank. So glad I get alerts to my phone. POS, tried but nothing. Thanks to bank you rock.

  • Tika

    Today I got a call from my bank saying that there was a suspicious activities by this company. They were trying to steal some money from my account. I am really scared from this company…..

  • Maha khan

    Yes yesterday nite i recieved msg dat Purchase of AED 16.40 with Credit Card ending 3597 at RAKUTEN PRICEMIN, PARIS. Avl Cr. Limit is AED 9,983.60. Pls refer stmt for exact amt…… After this at 12:34am uae i have recieved another msg dat 878.80 dhms have been suducted on purchase of AIR FRANCE, ROISSY CDG CE. I got too shocked i have never used this credit card somebody has used my credit card details

  • Jessica L Whisten

    I have never even heard of this website and knew nothing about them teaming up with debates but I do now. Someone got my card information (I have no clue how as I rarely use it) and was making purchases from this website.

  • Chassidy Neat

    I am in American and I received a call from my bank stating that some asswhole in Paris used my fucking card at this place. If or when I find this person they will have hell to pay!

  • Dev

    Dear Rakuten,

    Today morning (16.1.19) I received email form my Indian bank that “EUR 1.69 was spent on your Citibank Debit Card 5497XXXXXXXX9903 on 16-JAN-19 at RAKUTEN PRICEMIN PA.”. I called back to my bank to tell them that I didn’t purchase any thing and it’s a fraud and they should stop it but then they told me money is already gone and cannot be returned back to your account. May I request you to check and cancel such transaction ASAP.

    Best Regards,
    Dev Pal Charan


    Lates Rakuten bank issue.
    Last year I was using the Rakuten debit card (issued in japan) my husband lent me in Malaysia when suddenly it said that I had insufficient fund and I could no longer use card. Came back to japan and then tried to deposit money to our debit card (about 300usd worth) at the convenience store when I found out I still had money in the account. Total value then in my card was approx 600usd. That night we tried to use card for shopping online and it was declined. I called the bank and was turned away by phone because “I didn’t sound like my husband and precious information could not be provided” husband calls a few days later and magically card is working.
    Fast forward a few months, in order to find out again what happened to our money as we couldn’t trace back the money on their online banking system we call again this time together. My husband asks if I can help as his Japanese is not good and the operator says no. I forcefully explain the situation then the operator replies that our stories is different therefore he can not help.
    I tell him it’s a ducking joke because first off money has disappeared from our accounts, second of all you can hear two voices at the same time from the phone and I am clearly helping by proxy.
    Aeventually we gave the operator approximative dates of deposits/ withdrawals but he claimed there was nothing (did he even check?)
    Moral of the day is don’t trust Rakuten bank, we are about to withdraw all funds on this debit card and shut down this entire account down

  • Sachin N

    I am from India and I haven’t even made any purchase at or And yet today I found 3 attempts of $15 on my card. Fortuntately, the bank declined all of them after which I blocked the card

  • Debbie Wood

    I have never used it before, my bank called yesterday to see if it was an authorized purchase. Someone in France is using my debit card to buy things! I have 2 charges pending for over $30! I have to wait till it pays to get it taken off my account! I will never use it now!!

  • Troncota

    good day I would like to make a complaint or loose money from my account without ordering something that turned out to be a fraud you can contact the netflix

  • Sean Ashmore

    Purchased a new mobile phone from – lovely, no probs.
    THEN – 4 months later a fraudulent transaction on my card followed by a massive lack of communication with customer services who would not escalate the matter to a Manager and then stopped talking to me at all.
    I’m not going to give up on this one!!

    • Ron

      Rakuten and its affiliates are part of a identity theft and credit card fraud ring, and they need to be punished. This is the first place fraudsters go to make a purchase with your stolen credit card, because Rakuten makes it easy for them. I have urged Visa by phone to investigate them but they don’t seem to care, fraud makes them more money.

  • Albert

    I ordered on Rakuten and the order got cancelled because I didn’t write the CVV code. But the online application doesn’t even have a CVV field!

  • Randy

    I don’t know how many things I’ve bought and used Rakuten which I have not been paid for, the last being a subscription to Ancestry. When I contact them they say they have no record, what FRAUDS…

  • mi7chy

    Rakuten servers are hacked and backdoored. I signed up for Ebates (now Rakuten) and afterwards someone from Eastern European IP address attempted to reset the password to email I used to sign up with. Fortunately, I don’t reuse password for different sites. Best to avoid Rakuten (eBates) or use a throw away email and one-time payment method.

  • larry frederick

    On 9/30/19 I went into through Rakuten to purchase a vacation which Rakuten valued at an eligible amount of $1431.31. Rakuten sent me an e-mail stating HOORAY you’ve got cash back coming in the amount of $57.25. The e-mail went on to say my cashback amount of $57.25 would be processed “within six weeks of travel being completed. I have a copy of the e-mail. Travel was completed on 12/05/19, over 9 weeks ago. The cashback amount has NOT been added to my account and i have since sent 2 e-mails to Rakuten, the second one pleading for a response. However Rakuten has completely ignored my request, not even acknowledging receipt of the e-mail. This certainly appears to be fraud advertising.

  • Nothanks

    I’m an interior designer and my job involves a lot of online shopping for clients’ homes. I downloaded the Rakutan plug-in (formerly Ebates) to get some cash back. I downloaded the plug-in about a month before my son was born in August 2019. While I was on maternity leave, my company credit card was hacked and someone spent about $150 on skincare products. My credit card issue were sent me a replacement card and I activated it online and left it on my dresser at home. When I went back to work a few weeks later, I discovered that card had also been compromised. We believe it happened because of this plug-in. Apparently it logs all of your logins and passwords to all of the websites you visit.

  • James L Sykes


  • Michael Gibbs

    Received a DHL email saying I had goods to pay for charge $1.50

    Clicked the button paid the $1.50

    Then got charged 2 lots of $1100 from Rakuten France

    They shouldn’t call it Rakuten, they should call it Rakuteering.

  • Badri Chabane

    I had a rakuten account with 35 $ off cashback credit in it, and just about 15 days before the payoff date, they deleted my account for no reason. Yes they completely deleted my account because when i try to sign in it says ” account unavailable”. I contacted the Rakuten customer services many times ( 4 times i believe) and they always either ignore my mail, or respond with a mail saying that they will transfer my problem to a specialist and then… NOTHING.
    Now i got pretty sure that they are f***ing frauds.
    If any one now a way to deal with such kind of problem, please let me know.